Dr. Nimmi Raghunathan

"Illness is universal, but access to care is not....."

Healthcare system in India is quiet robust and yet there is great inconsistency in quality and coverage in the urban & rural sectors. It requires transformation in it’s approach to help people manage their Health.
Awareness is the first step to stay Healthy. One third of adult Indian’s suffer from hypertension and two thirds of them don’t even know it. Once there is awareness, it doesn’t take much to manage it.
Medical Diagnosis is an easy way to be aware of the current status of Health. The word ‘Diagnosis’ in the dictionary means “to determine the presence of disease from symptoms”. Early detection helps in preventing diseases and promoting health.
Next step is affordability and accessibility of Medical Diagnostics; it is my wish through Welezo Health to focus on the key piece in India’s Health puzzle – THE PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE and at the same time bridge the gap between the urban & rural healthcare systems.
We are trying to make medical diagnosis affordable & accessible in time for the treatment to be efficient so that no citizen should be deprived of treatment due to lack of diagnosis.
With an objective to prevent diseases and promote health, we launch a nationwide initiative ‘MAKE INDIA HEALTHY’ . Our work is in the belief that access to health is a basic human right and no individual should be deprived of good health in the years to come
I request every Indian to be part of this initiative to create awareness and make our nation Healthy.

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